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Coach Wolforth Analyzing The Movements of Professional Pitchers Trevor Bauer (Right) of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Mike Boyden (Left) of the Washington Nationals on his IPad.

Most Athletes Don’t Plan to Fail-They Simply Fail to Have a Plan

The 3 Reasons 98.2% Athletes FAIL to Reach Their God Given Potential

#1- Lack of a Clear Vision- They are uncertain on exactly what to do and/or how to do it.

#2- Lack of a Coherent High Quality Plan- They don’t have a specific plan to make necessary improvements

#3- Lack of Follow Through- They get discouraged and or frustrated and stop before they reach their dreams

 “Coach Wolforth’s Multimedia Personalized At Home Training Process™ is the most complete, most comprehensive and most personalized training program for the pitching athlete in the world today. For several years I researched every process and bought almost every program.  Coach Wolforth has made the world of difference for my son over the past 3 years. The very best thing is that although we live over 13 hours and 800 miles from Coach, he is our personal pitching coach every single day of the year. Instead of having to depend on finding a competent local pitching guy, we’ve got the very best in the business. THAT is huge.”  

Jack Sells, father of a 12 year old pitcher, Nashville TN


The Conventional Path= Conventional Results

A vast majority of pitchers have a personal pitching coach, take lessons or have some form of a mentor.

A few of these men are exceptionally helpful and are indeed difference makers.  A vast, vast majority of them however are good men with great intentions but their opinions, theories, strategies and techniques simply make little difference to the performance of the pitching athlete. And unfortunately, a significant portion of these instructors actually take players backward or place them at greater risk of injury.

What Research Tells Us About Instruction

In our over 20 years of experience training pitching athletes we have found that most pitching athletes take one lesson a week from their instructor. The average lesson fee in the US and Canada is $64 per one hour lesson. Therefore, the typical parent will spend a little more than $240 per month on instruction for 4-5 months of the year. That equates to around $1000 per year for pitching instruction. The average pitcher trains for 4.9 years from the age of 11 until they are a junior in high school and either they are on track for a college scholarship or they quit pitching.

What exactly do you get for your $64?

So what does the typical parent get for their investment? Well, let’s look at what the typical lesson affords the average pitcher.

The typical lesson goes something like this:

-       A general warm-up

-       A few lead up drills

-       Verbal instruction given while performing drills like : “Get your elbow up”, “pause at the top”, ‘finish your pitch’

-       Finish with a 15-50 pitch bull pen from a mound

-       Some more verbal instruction and guidelines to keep in mind for upcoming games

Does this sound ‘exceptional’ to you?

The typical results:  Because they basically do what everybody else is doing, they get just about what everybody else gets, which isn’t much.

From 1995 until 2003, Coach Wolforth managed such a typical facility. It was called the CAN-AM baseball/softball academy. The academy performed over 800 lessons every month. CAN-AM was located in the greater Houston Texas area and built a great reputation over those 8 years. However Coach Wolforth was not satisfied with the results and became obsessed with creating exponentially better results by continually improving the training process.

The Texas Baseball Ranch is Born

Coach and his wife Jill purchased 20 acres of land just outside beautiful Montgomery Texas and built the Texas Baseball Ranch. Since 2003,  The Texas Baseball Ranch™ has become the number one pitching facility in the world,  producing 64 drafted athletes and 114 athletes who have topped 90mph.  Coach Wolforth created those results by mastering seven key elements he found to be critical in developing the ‘complete’ pitching athlete.

Coach Wolforth’s Training Process has seven key elements:

1. Physical Assessment – much like a car with tires out of balance, wheels misaligned or one tire flat, the human body performs far better when it is balanced, aligned and free of injury. Coach’s system assists you in asking all the right questions and finding the right answers with regards to physical alignment, asymmetries and strength imbalances. On page 17 in this book Coach gives you a glimpse into the importance he places upon physical assessment.

2. Mechanical Efficiency- this is SO much more than ‘mechanics’. Read Coach’s Chapter 5 on mechanics to get a sense of the detail and complexity of human movement. You can see immediately why having Coach as your personal mentor is the way to go if you are truly serious about pitching as a skill. His knowledge on this subject is both wide and deep.               

3. Specific Skill Measurement- the saying if you want to improve something, find a way to measure it, is a driving force for both Coach Wolforth and The Texas Baseball Ranch. You will simply be amazed by how many specific ways Coach measures and tracks performance and skill development. The Ranch is considered the world’s unquestioned leader in the objective measurement of pitching skill. In fact several NCAA programs and MLB organization have come to the Ranch to study and learn the process of how the Ranch measures skill development.

4. Skill Specific Strength (BBM)- it’s not enough simply to get stronger.  As a pitching athlete, you will want to get stronger SPECIFICALLY to your skill.  Chapter 10 does a good job in detailing what Coach believes is involved in building strength specific to pitching a baseball at a world class level. Most pitchers waste their time in gyms or worse yet, actually do things which ultimately will interfere with their performance. That simply does not happen to a Ranch pitcher following this process.                

5. Nutrition/ Hydration/Sleep/Recovery/ Lifestyle- while these things seem simple and straightforward, so often they are missed or taken for granted. Coach places you on a path where you can easily stay on track and make these things work for you and become a strength and not become a distraction or a limitation.

6. Mindset/ Mental / Emotional- This element is Coach’s passion. He believes everything starts and ends with mindset. For the past 7 years Coach has started EVERY session with his clients with a segment on mindset. In fact he is now sought out as a presenter by the corporate world because they see how powerful his mindset segments are.  One of coach’s many mantras is ‘If you have a big enough why….the how will become self evident.’ If you are truly going to become ‘so good no one can ignore you’, Coach Wolforth’s mindset segments will be invaluable.             

7. Spiritual- Coach often says, ‘We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Therefore any path we choose will be so much deeper and more meaningful if we embrace and develop universal spiritual principles such as appreciation, compassion, courage, honor, integrity, honesty, self- discipline, responsibility, friendship, perseverance and loyalty.”

After 5 years of testing and development, in 2012, Coach designed a Multimedia / On line version of his training process so athletes living anywhere internet access was available could actually be trained by the Texas Baseball Ranch™.  After 20 years of work and developing pitchers, Coach realized that the very best way to create a pitching athlete so good that no one could ignore them was to make certain he was developing the TOTAL pitching athlete. Coach witnessed firsthand time and time again that a breakdown in ANY one of the seven areas could stop an athlete dead in his tracks. In essence having good mechanics was FAR from enough to create excellence, in fact it was just ONE piece of the puzzle. To be great, the athlete needed to develop the complete package.

While that makes perfect sense to most people, the real question is exactly how do you do this? Exactly how does one systematically eat this huge’ elephant’ one piece at a time? And that is the brilliance of Coach’s system.

The Genius of Coach Wolforth’s At Home/ On Line Training System


Coach designed his process following the 3000 year old systematic martial arts model of colored belts.

Each athlete will begin at White which is Level I. He will pass out of each of the 7 elements in Level I with either a written test and a video analysis. Level I is designed to be mastered in 4 weeks. When the athlete passes out of each of the 7 elements of Level I, the athlete can then graduate to the next, more challenging level. The process is so well structured and so developmentally appropriate that even Coach’s professional pitching clients follow the exact process.

As Coach likes to say, ‘Skills and competencies are best built upon one another like building blocks. Before one can run, one should always learn to crawl and walk first. Pitching a baseball is no different. I see many of my professional clients fail to perform simple fundamental movement patterns of healthy deceleration and subsequently they pay the price for such inefficiency in terms of labrum surgery and shoulder and elbow issues. No one escapes fundamental mechanical inefficiencies for long. Our goal is to master basic movement fundamentals as soon as possible and begin as soon as possible to reap the benefits of a healthy, durable, electric arm.’

Coach has 6 additional levels including Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Blue and  eventually Black, which denotes ‘elite mastery’. Each level the athlete masters, Coach rewards the athlete by specific gifts from the Ranch commensurate with each level. As the levels go higher, the rewards grow in significance.

We believe once you experience the way the Texas Baseball Ranch trains its pitchers,  you will no longer accept the standard, conventional path of weekly lessons. You will choose a different path. As Coach Wolforth loves to say, ‘You cannot be common for common men go nowhere. You must be uncommon.’ Coach Wolforth’s Multimedia Personalized At Home Training Process™ represents the most advanced, accelerated and comprehensive process of training pitchers in the world today. If you are looking for the fastest, safest and surest route to becoming so good that others simply can’t ignore you, this is the process for you.

“We became involved with Coach Wolforth when my son was 8 and he didn’t even have a delivery or throw it 45 mph. Now 3 years later my son is an elite select ball pitcher throwing 64 mph and more importantly has an incredibly healthy and durable arm. Something that I assure you is rare among youth select pitchers. We are spoiled. We STARTED with Coach. I can not more highly recommend Coach Wolforth and his training. It is logical. It is comprehensive. It is systematic. It’s made personally to fit each athlete and it is life changing. My son is simply a better person because of the training. No matter what happens in the future with my son’s baseball, you can’t put a price tag on that. We are in ALL the way to the black belt” .

Max Soliz, Houston Texas

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I realize you are sitting here on my website seeing to me talk about my program and of course you know that I would like for you to buy my training. But, all that aside, let’s get facts straight.

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Of course, I know that through this training, you will have some questions, you’ll need some personal input from me, some instruction, and that’s why I have no choice but to limit the number of athletes at any one time. And that’s why you’d better be clicking the below button fast and making yourself the next Athletic Pitcher.

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